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Additional services and finishes

We offer a wide variety of additional services 

The unique geographical location in the heart of the French Technic Valley and our extensive network of specialized partners enable us to offer you a wide range of additional services, from heat treatment and surface treatment operations to finishing services such as laser marking, tribofinishing, bead blasting and polishing, right through to handling your most complex packaging and traceability requirements and specifications.
Key strengths:
Consideration of your requirements right from the design and
development stages of your project
Extensive network of local partners in the Arve Valley, the birthplace of bar turning
Responsiveness, adaptability and expertise: DGC INDUSTRIES benefits from decades of experience

Heat treatment

This post-production process consists of exposing a mechanical part to several thermal cycles (heating and cooling), thus subjecting it to various structural transformations in order to modify the properties of the machined material (improving surface properties and/or mass properties).
We can carry out most heat treatment processes, including quenching, vacuum hardening, burnishing, carbonitriding, case hardening, salt bath treatments and others.

Surface treatment and finishing 

This post-production service consists of subjecting a mechanical part to various treatment techniques (chemical or electrolytic coating) in order to modify its surface properties according to the expected benefit (corrosion protection, appearance and aesthetic rendering, coloring, conductivity).
With its extensive network of local partners, DGC INDUSTRIES is able to provide the following surface treatment services:
Electroless nickel plating
Zinc coating (white, blue, alkaline, 
Copper plating
Gold plating
Silver plating
Bead blasting
Several options are available:
Barrel plating (parts with no particular appearance requirements).
Rack plating (for fragile and/or aesthetic parts for which appearance is an important criterion).

We also provide coating operations for your threaded and tapped parts. Contact us to find out more.

Laser marking

Equipped with several laser marking machines and a team of experts in this field, we can handle high-precision markings for your decorative engraving or traceability and identification needs.
Thanks to our CO2 and fiber machines, our laser marking customization capabilities can be applied to raw or pre-treated parts and to all types of materials (titanium, anodized aluminum, brass, plastic...).
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