NC Turning

Machining parts from Ø4 mm to Ø32 mm. Our numerically controlled machinery allows machining of complex precision parts.

A few examples of our parts

Multi-spindle Turning

Our multi-spindle lathes are able to handle your big production runs from a thousand to a million pieces, in diameters between Ø4 mm and Ø16 mm.

A few examples of our parts

Traditional bar turning

Manufacturing medium and large series of simple parts. Traditional bar turning on a cam allows you to benefit from an excellent quality to price ratio.

A few examples of our parts

Turning costing

We respond to all your requests for quotes for the design and manufacture of bar turning parts from simple prototypes to mass production. Contact us !

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High precision turning

Located in Magland, Haute-Savoie, in the heart of the Technic Valley, DGC Industries is a company that specializes in bar turning in its traditional and numerical forms, an expertise that allows it to manufacture mechanical precision parts, from 4 to 32 mm in diameter, from prototype to mass production.

Means of turning and controlling

Décolletage numérique
A comprehensive, high-performance plant list

DGC Industries develops its competitive advantage through investment; its choices focus on resource that are efficient, modern and high-tech. The breadth of its technology allows DGC Industries to find economic and qualified answers for each of your projects.

Quality control management

We have in place a quality control system that can adapt to the growth of the company and is built on ISO 9001: V2008 standards. It includes a document database and monitoring for each process. The quality of our products rests on effective resources and the competence of our staff.