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Machining facilities

DGC: more than 100 machines, 3 production facilities

DGC INDUSTRIES is equipped with extensive, modern, well-maintained and regularly updated machining facilities comprising over 100 machines. Combining traditional cam-type lathes, transfer and reworking machines, multi-spindle lathes and CNC machines, we put our recognized expertise at your disposal, from design to consulting and industrialization.

The size and stock of our machining facilities enable us to provide our clients and partners with a wide range of bar turning and machining solutions and techniques that are tailored to each of their needs.

Traditional bar turning

Bar turning on cam-type lathes allows us to achieve economical production rates, thus being able to help you meet your cost rationalization objectives.

Relying on their many years of experience, our teams of technician-setters will gladly configure them to meet your project’s requirements.

Key strengths:
We master this traditional technology that combines productivity, technical expertise and economic rationalization.
A great variety of traditional bar turning machines working in association with our transfer and reworking lathe workshop
These traditional lathes are used to produce all types of simple parts, in medium to large series and for all industries. Our machining facilities include a workshop with over twenty traditional bar turning machines.

 Multi-spindle bar turning

Multi-spindle lathes, whether conventional or equipped with numerical cross-slides, are screw machines able to turn several bars at the same time whilst carrying out different bar turning operations simultaneously. They can produce several parts at the same time, ranging from Ø 4 mm to Ø 16 mm, on any type of material and in very large series (up to 1 million units).
Key strengths:
Technology with a recognized and proven experience, suitable for all industries, high production rates with high quality standards
A renowned know-how in this bar turning technology, fruit of years of experience, combined with a seasoned team of technician-setters.
Our multi-spindle workshop includes several TORNOS and GILDEMEISTER lathes, enabling us to meet high-volume manufacturing requirements.

 Transfer and reworking workshop

Combined with our traditional bar turning lathes and our multi-spindle bar turning workshop, our reworking workshop allows us to provide a comprehensive and all-encompassing offer.

All parts that cannot be finished by bar turning or machining (rough parts from bar turning, stamping or forming) are finalized in our reworking workshops, where we are able to carry out all common finishing operations (e.g. rolling, milling, drilling, tapping, threading...). Equipped with a wide variety of production resources, we are able to handle an extensive range of projects.
Key strengths:
Complementary and recognized alternative to CNC machining, historic experience in this technology, automation options for very large series
A great variety of transfer and reworking machines operated in association with our traditional cam-type lathe workshop
Our reworking workshop is made up of a wide variety of Wirth & Gruffat transfer machines combined with a broad range of related equipment (rollers, milling machines, broaching machines, presses), enabling us to meet the most varied requirements.

CNC machining

Combining our historic know-how with the productivity gains offered by modern CNC machines (robotic palletizing, automation) enables us to manufacture incredibly intricate parts, with milling, cross-drilling and many other simultaneous operations, from medium to large series.

Our extensive machining facilities, equipped with a variety of over 20 modern CNC machines (TORNOS and STAR), allows us to respond to a wide range of projects and requests, bringing your technical productions to life with a tailor-made, complete offer.
Key strengths:
A technology that is particularly suited to prototype production, in line with our co-design expertise
CNC machining enables us to carry out numerous simultaneous operations (e.g. polygon turning, trimming, whirling, knurling, bending), from medium to large series.
With years of expertise in the soft mobility, sports and leisure, electronics and connectivity sectors, as well as in the medical, luxury goods and fluid distribution markets, DGC INDUSTRIES is pleased to offer you its well-known capabilities and resources in CNC machining.

Mechanical and industrial engineering division

At DGC INDUSTRIES, we also have our own in-house maintenance team, made up of mechanics and automation specialists that strive to provide the latest technological developments to meet the challenges that come with the projects of our clients and partners.

Working closely with our design department, our general mechanics division is able to design and develop tailor-made solutions specific to our company and particularly engineered for your projects.
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