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Quality culture & services

commitment to quality rooted in our culture

Founded nearly 35 years ago, DGC INDUSTRIES has become a recognized player in traditional bar turning, multi-spindle bar turning and CNC machining, positioning itself as a reference partner for many leading companies in their respective industries.
Quality is at the heart of our concerns and our industrial processes, both regarding our products and the services inherent to the commercial relationships we maintain with our clients and partners, and this is our byword whether our parts are intended for the soft mobility, sports & leisure or health and medical sectors, for security applications, or for the energy distribution and fluid management markets.
Our quality policy is applied on a daily basis and at every level of our organization: when respecting technical and economic requirements, ensuring that our production complies with customer expectations and prerequisites, meeting deadlines and imperatives, and monitoring and taking into account the different logistical, technological or environmental expectations.
Our methodology lies within the technical quality of our productions and the ongoing improvements we implement to our QMS processes. Adapting ourselves to the circumstances, being responsive, offering technical precision and respecting    
delivery times are the key elements of our industrial strategy.

Dedicated  resources and equipment  

DGC INDUSTRIES is equipped with all the traditional measuring and inspection tools specific to our industry (profile projectors, micrometers, comparators, roughness testers), and has chosen to invest in high-performance machinery to provide clients with the most appropriate technical solution for each of their projects: MITUTOYO Contracer profile-measuring machine, VICIVISION automatic inspection machine, ECOCLEAN washing machine (solvent cleaning), MITUTOYO three-dimensional measuring machine, among others.
ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years, our know-how and industrial expertise are strongly permeated by our quality culture, which translates into a daily concern for perfection: from design and development to turning & machining operations, from secondary operations (processing and finishing) to logistical support, all our teams are deeply committed to meeting the specific quality requirements of each of our clients' projects.
ISO 9001:2015 certification 
Certification IOS 9001 : 2015
Unlike companies that are highly specialized and work in a single industry, we have always sought to diversify our activities by taking up every challenge presented by a new project. This taste for challenge is filled by new knowledge, experience and improved know-how, and is also reflected in the quality of our work and our commitment to provide high-quality services.

Equipped with a rigorous quality management system that has proven its effectiveness over the years, we are determined to keep moving forward, to innovate and to question our habits: it's all part of our continuous improvement approach!

 CSR approach: humans and machines

We are a family-owned company and, in line with our industrial strategy, we are committed to playing our part in promoting French know-how, the local industry and short distribution channels.

Our values are based on respecting each other, the technical skills and expertise of our teams, constant innovation (both regarding our processes and the industries we operate in), as well as on the professionalism and the work environment promoted within DGC INDUSTRIES.

We encourage our technicians to challenge the best of their abilities, to question ongoing processes and habits and to demonstrate resourcefulness and creativity so that we can offer you the solution best suited to your specific needs.

Taking into account environmental expectations and current challenges 
also goes hand in hand with our quality culture:

We choose to use local service providers and partners for our outsourced secondary operations
We recycle consumables used in our production operations, and collect and process used cutting oils
We commit to soft mobility by investing in self-service electric bicycles for our teams
We reuse our cardboard packaging and plastic waste
We sort, recycle and reprocess materials from our various production processes
These are just a few of the tangible actions we take to limit the environmental impact of our work and contribute, in our own way, to the preservation of our resources.

Local, historic expertise for your bar turning and machining projects

We offer a wide range of resources and equipment that match our constant quest for precision, but what really make us unique are the human values associated with them:

Adaptability, flexibility and availability
Attention to detail, precision and technical rigor
Local technical knowledge and expertise
Taste for challenge, team spirit and willingness to innovate
Human, equipment and technological investment
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