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Machining materials

Materials: proven expertise  for numerous possibilities 

All projects are welcome: DGC INDUSTRIES is equipped with an extensive and varied range of machines to offer you a wide array of bar turning (on traditional cam-type or multi-spindle lathes, with transfer and reworking operations...) and CNC machining services in a large number of materials.

Optimization of your material choices according to your requirements and the type of application for your product
Cost rationalization according to your requirements and constraints
Optimization and selection of the most appropriate  machining method
Backed by 35 years of experience and a team of experienced technician-setters, we take into account the specific quality requirements and economic constraints of each of the materials we machine.

Because each of your projects is unique (with its own specificities and challenges), we provide you with our expertise when deciding on the most appropriate material.
Copper alloy
Stainless steel

DGC INDUSTRIES is here to accompany you

We machine most materials and we collaborate with a network of local material suppliers offering a wide variety of grades, bar diameters and bar types (round, hexagonal, tube, special or standard profile). From steel to aluminum, stainless steel, brass and plastics, DGC INDUSTRIES is your partner of choice for all your projects.
Each material is unique: no matter the stage of the project, our teams are here to answer your questions, support and advise you.
Do you think we can help you with your bar turning or machining needs?
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