A secondary operation division, consisting of re-working operators who perform their finishing tasks relying on their expertise and continuous training to perform secondary transfer operations or specific re-working on NC lathe allows us to machine average to very large runs on any type of material.

Examples of parts

Re-worked parts, compliant with specifications

All the parts that cannot be finished in bar turning - rough cut parts issued from turning, stamping or pressing - are completed in our secondary operation workshops, where we carry out every day operations: rolling, milling, drilling, tapping, threading and burnishing.

  1. Our transfer machines allow several parts to be machined at the same time for high productivity.
  2. We have a fleet of secondary NC machines, where the parts are re-worked in clamps or jaws.
  3. Finally, we are developing our own secondary machinery, to meet our customers’ specific needs, enabling us to respond to increases in production volumes through innovation

Finishing machinery

  • Transferts WIRTH & GRUFFAT 8 postes dont 2 avec robot de chargement STAUBLI
  • Transferts WIRTH & GRUFFAT 6 postes dont 9 avec alimentation automatique
  • Fraiseuses
  • Taraudeuses verticales et horizontales PRECIS
  • Machines à rouler PWE 12T dont une avec robot de chargement FANUC
  • Tours Commande Numérique EMCO TURN