Décolletage numérique

With its numerical-control turning department, made up of technical experts who benefit from ongoing training and numerical-control lathes, DGC Industries controls the production of complex precision parts from Ø4 mm to Ø32 mm in any type of material. Indeed, CNC machining allows for engineered parts with milling, transverse bores and many other operations.

Examples of parts

Digital bar turning for small and medium runs at competitive prices

DGC Industries has always sought to enhance its competitiveness though its investment choices systematically pursuing effective modern and high-tech methods. The extent of these technologies allows DGC Industries to find economic and qualitative responses to each of your bar turning projects.

Thus, by adjusting the speed of our machines and through simultaneous machining, making small and medium runs remains very economical.

Our numerically-controlled lathes

  • TOURS TORNOS ENC 162 capacité diamètre 16mm
  • TOURS TORNOS ENC 164 Capacité diamètre 16 mm
  • TOUR TORNOS ENC 163 capacité diamètre 20 mm
  • TOUR TORNOS ENC 262 capacité diamètre 26 mm
  • TORNOS DECO 2000 Déco 13 a, capacité 16 mm avec embarreur
  • TORNOS DECO 2000 Déco 20 a, capacité 26 mm avec embarreur
  • TORNOS DECO 2000 Déco 26 a, capacité 32 mm avec embarreur
  • TORNOS DECO 2000 Evo Déco 32, capacité 32 mm avec embarreur
  • TORNOS DECO 16 EVO Capacité 16mm